Press release: Digital place of remembrance on Facebook and Instagram

From now on, the digital place of remembrance of the 1972 Olympic Attack in Fürstenfeldbruck is also represented in the social networks.

On Facebook and Instagram, by the name "erinnerungsort72", the content and functions of the website and app are presented, information is provided about the events of 1972, the 12 victims of the assassination are commemorated and warnings against hatred and anti-semitism are issued.

Since 9/5/2022, the digital place of remembrance for the 1972 Olympic Attack in Fürstenfeldbruck has been online. Consisting of a multimedia website and an interactive app, the project is aimed beyond the district at interested people of all ages and nationalities. Since its launch in September, more than 4,000 users from over 50 different countries have already visited the website, and the app has been downloaded more than 200 times.

A targeted social media strategy is now to round off the digital place of remembrance as a third element and engage in historical-political education. In addition to providing information about the attack and its background and regularly commemorating the victims, there is also the opportunity to refer to current topics and events.

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Source: LRA FFB

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