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-Digital Memorial Site for the 1972 Olympic Games Attack in Fürstenfeldbruck-

Remembrance is a never-ending process. Paying tribute to the people who suffered, contemplating what occurred, and consistently encouraging peace and decrying violence are the fundamental tenets of the work we do to ensure the past isn't forgotten. The Fürstenfeldbruck district government has taken it upon itself to keep the memory of the Olympic Games attack of 5 September 1972 alive. Since 1997 we have been holding annual commemorative events and keeping up the dialogue with survivors of the attack and relatives of those who were lost. In 1999 a memorial was installed at the gates of the military air base to remind people in the area of the terrible events of 1972, as the actual commemorative site on the base itself will not be publicly accessible until 2026.

Lest We Forget

5 September 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the attack. To mark this occasion, the Committee for Culture, Recreation and Sport of the Fürstenfeldbruck district government has decided to create a digital commemorative site as a place to remember the tragic incident and its victims that transcends all geographical and temporal boundaries. In order to make a success of this project, the information has to be well researched and prepared, put into a comprehensive digital presentation, and integrated into an overall educational concept that is then all coordinated by a project management incidence.

For that we need your support! The Fürstenfeldbruck district government cannot finance this project without partners. Become a sponsor of this historically and socially relevant commemorative project and help us make an important contribution to ensuring that the events of 5 September 1972 are not forgotten. Become part of our team of sponsors. Contact us. We will be happy to inform you of our plans and how you can help us keep a cautionary memory of the Olympic Games attack alive for posterity.

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