The Commemorative Site

There is an actual brick-and-mortar site, but it is not accessible. The solution? Make a digital one! A platform that offers the opportunity to present even more information from various standpoints to a large and widely diverse target group, and to keep it up to date and fresh in our memory.

For the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games attack in Fürstenfeldbruck in 1972, we want to create a digital memorial that is multilingual and available across the Web, in order to do justice to the national and international significance of this historic incident.

At the same time we are developing an educational concept for various different age and target groups. The digital memorial site is designed to arouse curiosity for the location at which the events took place. After the withdrawal of the German armed forces from the airbase, the actual site will also be integrated into the commemorative and educational work.

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Foto von Feierlichkeiten an der Gedenkstätte