Current Project Status


Prospect for the next project steps:

March 2021: Meeting of the Committee on Culture, Leisure and Sport
The concept for the Digital Memorial Site and a 5-year project budget plan are presented to the committee for approval

1st quarter 2021: Call for tenders for the technical implementation of the Digital Memorial Site

2nd quarter 2021: Forum meeting


May to September 2020: Information portal being designed and launched
Work on the information portal began in May 2020 and it is planned to be released online at the end of September. The site is supported financially by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture

July to September 2020: Initial design, cost plan/estimate and preparation of the digital memorial site for the 1972 Olympic Games Attack in Fürstenfeldbruck and its integration into an educational concept.

  • What can a digital memorial site for the 1972 Olympic Games Attack in Fürstenfeldbruck look like?
  • What costs have to be budgeted for the creation of a digital memorial site?
  • How can a large-scale educational concept best be structured?

The subsequent project steps can be implemented on the basis of the results of the preliminary concept.
End of September 2020: End of the period of funding from the Ministry of Culture

A Look Forward to the Next Project Steps

October 2020:
Search for potential providers/staff for the realisation of the digital site.

October 2020: Forum meeting
The forum's composition has changed slightly since the 2020 local elections, and it will be informed here about the current status and plans.

December 2020: Completion of the interviews
Around 25 audio interviews were conducted and transcribed in the 2018/2019 period. Video interviews have begun in 2020 and are to be ready for publication by the end of the year.

2021: Start of construction on the "Digital Memorial Site"


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