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Source references for images and graphic art used
Menu item Digital Memorial Site: German armed forces building - Landratsamt Fürstenfeldbruck (J. Simon)
Sub-item Historical background: Terrorist on balcony - Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Abteilung V, Bildarchiv Münchner Merkur
Sub-item Commemorative work: Memorial event - Landratsamt Fürstenfeldbruck (J. Simon)
Menu item The project: Commemorative statue - Landratsamt Fürstenfeldbruck (C. Voxbrunner)
Sub-item Events:
Aerial photo event - Landratsamt Fürstenfeldbruck (C. Voxbrunner)
Helicopter - Sammlung Schmotz/Fürstenfeldbrucker Tagblatt
German armed forces building - Bundeswehr, Fürstenfeldbruck military air force base

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