Accessibility declaration

The website operator aims to keep its website free of barriers to accessibility, and to make it usable for a wide range of devices (in particular mobile devices). The provisions of the German BITV (Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance) and the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) provide orientation in this regard.

The website is constantly being improved upon and further components that facilitate its use added. If you do come across barriers on our site, feel something is lacking or wish to inform us about mistakes or difficulties, please contact us!

Adaptable design

The website is made in Responsive Web Design. This means that its layout automatically adjusts to the monitor of the terminal being used (PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone), and is displayed with a simplified layout on smaller screens.

Zooming in on the contents in the browser enlarges not only the text, it also leads to a single-column view which does not require horizontal scrolling.

Technical requirements

Function icons can be found in the upper menu bar for the following settings:
- Contrast
- Night mode
- Font size and font type
- Flexible layout


The texts are formulated in such a way that they endeavour to also be understandable to people who are not familiar with the topic. The goal when creating the website is to structure the pages uniformly and clearly so that they are easy for the user to use.

The contents are available in English and German.
We do not provide an explanatory page in "simplified language", nor do we offer the contents in sign language.


The navigation is designed to provide a fast overview and lead to the various topics through an intuitive structure.

Criteria that enable simple navigation are:
- Barrier-free functions and main navigation at the top of the screen
- Content area high contrast and easily visible in the middle of the screen
- "Breadcrumb navigation" above the article as an aid to orientation
- Jump markers in the footer enable you to return to the top of the page or to the sitemap
- Footer with contact information and important links (data protection, masthead, barrier-free design, contact).


Internal and external links are made visible using a coloured font. A dotted frame line is then also shown when you click on the link.

Using links with the keyboard

You can activate links without the mouse by using the Tab key. This marks the link and it is then activated with the Enter/Return key.

Enlarging the font

The font size shown can be changed (with the exception of the function icons at the top of the screen) as follows:
in Internet Explorer/Edge via:
Menu "View" > "Font size" > the desired size or by pressing the key combination "CTRL" and "+" or "CTRL" and "-" (in Windows).
The key combination "CTRL" and "0" returns you to the original size.

in Mozilla/ Firefox via:
Menu "View" > "Text zoom" > the desired percentage or by using the key combination "CTRL" and "+" or "CTRL" and "-" (in Windows).
The key combination "CTRL" and "0" returns you to the original size.

Read-aloud function

We do not offer our own read-aloud function. It is, however, possible to use free tools in various browsers, or to integrate them as an add-on:
in Mozilla/ Firefox and Chrome "Talkie" – free add-on

Microsoft Edge has a pre-installed read-aloud function. To use it the visitor merely has to right-click on a part of the page and select "read aloud" in the context menu.
Alternatively, you can activate the function using the key combination "CTRL"+"Shift"+"G".


Only one contact form is to be included. It will be compiled on the basis of the criteria for freedom of accessibility.